Outdoor Fitness Classes for Those Over 40

We Have Outdoor Fitness Classes for Men and Women Over 40 Are you tired of the same old gym routine? Do you want to enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather while getting fit? Look no further than our outdoor group fitness classes for men and women over 40 years of age! Our outdoor group fitness […]

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Get Fit Over 40: Finding Motivation and Starting Your Fitness Program

It’s Not hard to Get Fit Over 40: Here’s a Few Tips to Get Started As we age, finding motivation to exercise and stay fit can become more challenging. Our bodies change, our schedules get busier, and we might feel like we’ve already missed the boat when it comes to getting in shape. But don’t […]

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Fitness Over 40 Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult!

Fitness Over 40 is Easy! Let a Coach Show You How… Fitness over 40 has become a crucial concern for many people, as they begin to realize the importance of staying fit and healthy as they age. With advancing age, the body’s natural ability to repair and regenerate itself slows down, and the risk of […]

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Importance of Functional Exercise for Over 40 Individuals

Functional Exercise for Over 40 Men and Women is a Must! Functional exercise for over 40 individuals plays a crucial role in maintaining health and fitness for both men and women. It encompasses various elements such as strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training, which work together to improve overall physical function and quality of life. Strength […]

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Online Fitness Coaching is Perfect for Those Over 40 with Busy Schedules

Maximize Your Time and Efficiency with Online Fitness Coaching Online fitness coaching seems to be the right fit for most these days.  The pandemic made many people shift their fitness focus and schedules creating chaos in our daily lives.  Nobody has time for a 2 hour workout these days. Maybe when we were in our […]

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Women Over 40 Should Participate in Strength Training

REGISTER TODAY Why is it important for women over 40 to strength train? One dream is to be able to persuade ALL women over 40 to begin a strength training regimen to develop lean muscle, NOT just cardiovascular activity.   What we do will not make you bulky and big!  Why do we want muscle and […]

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YOU CAN BE BETTER IN 2020! Here are 8 Ideas to help you be better in 2020. 1. Learn to love the process because it’s not about achieving the end result but the person you become in the process of achieving your goals. Goals, in and of themselves, are pretty much pointless. They’re just benchmarks […]

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Facts About Training After 40

Some Facts About Training After 40 Sarcopenia is real. You will lose muscle as you get older. But how much you lose, and when you start losing it, are very much under your control. The best defense against sarcopenia is to build as much muscle as you can, and then work every day to retain it. The […]

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