Our Over 40 Coaching Programs Will Reawaken Your Younger Self!

Choose from one of the following Over 40 Coaching Programs to help you achieve your goals.
Our Fitness Coaching Program will provide customized workouts for you, your body, and the equipment you have available to use in your daily workouts. All exercises will come with detailed descriptions, form cues, and if available coaches will provide you with a video link for demonstration. You can choose from bodybuilding, general fitness, or some sport-specific routines to help you with your extracurricular recreational activities.
Our Nutrition Coaching Program will give you the advice and nutritional guidance, customized macros, and yummy food options to keep you on track. Eating preferences will be taken into consideration but cannot be changed mid-program. We will provide healthy recipes for you to incorporate into your program, and try to keep foods out that you dislike, can’t or won’t eat. You will also get some healthy shopping tips and lists to make sure your goals will be met with healthy options best for your body.

Our Comprehensive Coaching Programs

The Complete Program includes the entire Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Program. You will also get access to a 30-minute coaching session each month to dial in any tweaks, address concerns, go over exercise form and discuss any road blocks you may discovered halting progress. You can always add on additional coaching sessions to your program if you feel this is the best way to keep you accountable.

The 90 Day Transformation Program is the Complete Program at a discounted price. Commit to 3 months and save a little to buy a new outfit for your new body at the end of the 90 days.

Coaching Program Requirements

All programs require weekly check ins. These check ins will require the following: Completion of a weekly report with details how your week went. Address sleep patterns, energy levels, adherence, things you noticed were off, etc. You will also be required to provide weekly photos to gauge progress. Since I am not there with you, I will be able to judge what is working and what isn’t, see if you’ve been sticking to your program and what changes I need to make. Requirements for photos are as follows: A solid wall in the background (no busy backgrounds), a front, both sides and a back shot. The attire requirements for men are tight fitting shorts, boxers-briefs so we can see more of the shape of your body. For women, bikinis or a sports bra and bike style shorts. Please no nudes or lingerie (YES, I have to say that unfortunately).

Below we’ve included some of the highlights of the programs. If you are interested inquire today to see pricing options for each program. Meet Coach Bryan in the meantime.

Over 40 Fitness Coaching Program


Over 40 Fitness Nutrition Program


Complete Coaching - Fitness & Nutrition


90Day Transformation - Fitness & Nutrition


Forms for Our Over 40 Coaching Programs

Registration Form
Initial Information Sheet:Fitness Coaching
Initial Information Sheet:Nutrition Coaching
Weekly Report: Fitness Coaching Form
Weekly Report: Nutrition Coaching Form