Why is it important for women over 40 to strength train?

One dream is to be able to persuade ALL women over 40 to begin a strength training regimen to develop lean muscle, NOT just cardiovascular activity.   What we do will not make you bulky and big!  Why do we want muscle and why adding some will benefit you?  There is a term called ‘hypertrophy’, which means to change the shape, function, and strength of the muscles.  No, this won’t make your muscles bigger.  In fact, it may make you look smaller since muscle has a different density than fat does.

Women naturally do not have the male hormone structure to have serious muscle gains like men.  If they do, most of them are supplementing with compounds that increase their testosterone.  So put yourself at ease, you will not be the next Ms. Olympia.  So why is hypertrophy and building lean muscle so important?

  1. It will help you slow down and fight that ticking clock of aging. Once we start approaching our 40’s (during the 30’s) our muscles will naturally shrink, lean muscle mass decreases at a rate of up to 5% per year.   By adding in strength training, you are starting to regain some of that strength as it starts to decline, making your body more prepared for aging.
  2. One of the most important benefits its, looking good naked! The leaner muscle you have the more efficiently your metabolism works, utilizing more of the nutrients you take in daily.  Think of it as feeding a Porsche!  This may not be everyone’s goal, but a good strength program will make your body change.  Who does not want to transform their body?  You may not see this transformation as much on the scales, but by your clothes, measurements, body fat, or taking weekly pictures to compare. 
  3. Feeling Inspired! When you start to get stronger, the rest of your life changes.  Most of us when we reach 40’s and beyond start to feel incapable or starting to have a low self-esteem.  The rush of endorphins you get from a great workout will leave you feeling accomplished and invincible.  So, this seems to create a strong body and MIND!  Convinced yet?
  4. Preventing possible injuries. Your bodies posture and positioning are especially important.  Our muscles support our structure.  A Strong body protects your joints, while helping you increase bone density.  These muscles will contract, react, and recover easier allowing us to be more mobile and injury free.
  5. Overall healthy body. Having a body that functions effectively and efficiently, can also help you fight major diseases, disorders, and illness.

Let's Do This!

What are you waiting for women over 40?  I know after reading this brief post, I may have converted your thoughts.  Are you ready to benefit from hypertrophy in your life?  This will impact you in many positive ways—you will be more active, play with your kids and grandkids, manage life’s stress better, and renewed energy levels to help you push further and harder.

Get started today by contacting an coach that is over 40, understands what it’s like to be over 40 and will help redefine, reawaken and reinvent you. Are you ready to register and experience this for yourself?  Click here and get started.  To schedule a consultation, class or one-on-one session call 619.843.5157