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Enjoy some of our Client Testimonials from our Outdoor Over 40 Fitness Community (Currently in Mission Bay Park for SD Residents). Originally starting a company called Wired Fitness back in 2001, our coaches pioneered the outdoor bootcamp movement. A unique training style utilizing the environment and what’s available in each park setting we run classes. We’ve successfully helped over 8k clients lose a size or more, get off meds, develop strength to prevent injuries, improve cardiovascular health, increase flexibility, manage chronic conditions and overall change their lives. Now switching to a minimized in-person community to online, we hope to add more amazing stories with you in the future.

Our Over 40 Fitness Community at Mission Bay Park in San Diego, CA

Lynne - Current Client for Over 2 Years

Highlights From Our Outdoor Bootcamp Classes 2018-2019

Jeff - Bootcamp Client for Over 10 Years

Arjan - Current Client Over 10 Years

Anne - Current Client, Teacher

I’ve been working with Bryan since 2013 and I love it! Every workout is different and can be tailored to meet your needs/abilities. I highly recommend it!

Sonia - Current Client, Scientist

Very challenging! I’m so glad I found Bryan. He does a great job varying the format, equipment, and exercises to make each session unique and interesting. If you want to get in great shape, this is for you!

Jose - Current Client, Retired Navy Commander

The best! All around challenge, guidance, and motivation to improve your quality of life through fitness and nutrition. The training is fun, challenging, and brings the best in you to achieve optimal health, focus, and mind healing. With multiple chronic injuries from combat, Bryan was able to work strategic routines to improve my strength and stamina without causing any further damage or injury! Simply the BEST!!!

Keith - Current Client, Business Owner

The Way to get in shape. I like the programs Bryan writes and will always correct you if you do any wrong movement to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. .

Jeff - Current Client, Fraud Investigator

Being able to workout outside at Mission Bay Park is a quintessential San Diego experience. You can’t beat the views and the ocean air. The classes are the highlight of my day as I try to transform this mid 50’s office cubicle body into a sleeker design! The workouts are uniquely challenging and I know I will be motivated both by the instructor but also thru the camaraderie of my classmates.

Russ - Former Client, CPA

Longtime client—always different, always challenging… Bryan is committed to his clients, reliable about always showing up, and accommodative to all levels of ability, from ages 8-80!

Leeanne - Former Client, Teacher

Bryan never disappoints. There is no other outdoor experience that compares to his classes. No two workouts are the same!

Jan - Former Client, Content Writer

Best San Diego area workout! Every day in this full body HIIT workout is varied, so there’s no chance of getting bored of routine and, more importantly, different muscles in each group are engaged with every workout. Bryan is highly educated and trained, and will modify as needed, for any attendee regarding injuries or fitness level. I’ve been with Bryan for 8 years, and have never been in better shape in both muscular/body strength and endurance.

Bonnie - Former Client, Teacher

Always a great workout that is fun but challenging. Great for all levels of fitness.

Shana - Current Client, Lawyer

I’ve been with Bryan since 2012 and it never gets old. You just can’t beat starting your morning outdoors with the sunrise, a great group of people and a different, challenging workout each day! Bryan utilizes all aspects of the terrain and a wide variety of equipment (like different types of bands/loops, medicine balls, TrX, sand bags, ropes, etc.) to make sure you’ll never get bored and your strength and endurance will improve.

Arjan - Current Client, Business Owner

I must admit that the first month was the hardest but I have been unable to stop ever since. Over time, all my health issues have disappeared and I am glad to report that I can keep up with my now 8 year old without any problems. I now ride my bike everywhere instead of driving short distances and live a lifestyle that I could not have even imagined a few years ago. I wish I had made this change a lot sooner.

Although the classes are challenging, I find the people to be helpful and encouraging. It took me a little while to get to this point but I really enjoy the positive competitiveness that the group brings to each class.

Meena - Former Client

I have been working out with Bryan for 3 years. He use a mix of cardio, body weight and equipment and is suitable for all fitness and age levels. I love it that we have a class available every morning through the week and all the people taking the class and the instructors are friendly and fun!

Pauline - Former Client, Retired

Awesome class. Every workout is different and challenging! Best of all, the class is outdoors. Bryan utilizes the space and facilities to complement their equipment (trx, bands, medicine balls, ropes, etc) making each class fun. If you want to sweat, get stronger, get help losing weight, hang out with really nice people, this is the workout for you!

Caroline - Former Client

I absolutely love these classes! I always get such a great workout. Bryan keeps it fun by mixing up the routines daily. It’s a great mix of cardio and strength training. Fun music, beautiful park, fresh air, really nice group of people. I never want to miss a class! You can push yourself to your limit and Bryan is there to help and push you if you need it. It’s a workout I look forward to each time.

Sobhan - Former Client

Best Boot Camps I have ever attended. The exercise routine is perfectly set up for a whole body workout. I thoroughly enjoy it.

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