Training after you turn 40

1 – Don’t worry about changing things up after you turn 40.

Assuming you’re an experienced lifter who’s just turned 40, you don’t have to necessarily start training differently, regardless of your training goals.

In fact, I get sick of guys asking how they should train now that they’ve hit forty. You don’t have to train lighter or less frequently, let alone join one of those weight-lifting-in-the-pool classes held at your local gym. Do the rest of the stuff below and you won’t have to change a damn thing about your training, except maybe paying a bit more attention to recovery.  Need assistance setting up a program for you contact a coach today

2 – Pay attention to fluidity of movement.

The ability or inability to move freely and without pain isn’t just a concern for old coots. Lack of mobility often starts to rear its arthritic head in the forties but few men bother to do anything about it until they have the fluid motion of a dry stick.

As distasteful as it may sound, consider enrolling in yoga classes. Or, you might instead consider Tai Chi, Jiu Jitsu, or even ho-hum stretching and foam rolling. Regardless, pick one, grit your teeth, and start doing it. The true measure of someone’s youthfulness is often how well he moves.