Here are 8 Ideas to help you be better in 2020.

1. Learn to love the process because it’s not about achieving the end result but the person you become in the process of achieving your goals. Goals, in and of themselves, are pretty much pointless. They’re just benchmarks we use so we know where we want to go. The real benefit lies in the journey on the way to achieving your goals.

2. It’s not what you do during the good days that matters but what you do during the bad days. It’s easy to be motivated, optimistic, and stick to your goals when things are going great. It’s a lot harder to be and do those things when you’re having bad days. But it’s what you do during the bad days that matters more because the truth is, this is real life and you’re going to have more bad days than good days.

3. Act like the person you want to be in the future, today. Right now, you have a vision of the person you want to become. Ask yourself: what good habits does future me have? What bad habits does future me not have? What does future me do that I’m currently not doing? Write these all down and then pick three things you can start doing today.

4. Amazing results (changes/progress) are a culmination of all the small things you do every day. Nobody makes a drastic transformation overnight. It’s the culmination of all the small (positive) decisions that persons made every day over weeks, months, and years that eventually lead to huge results.

5. Don’t let someone else’s idea of ‘success’ define your own idea of success.

6. It’s always about the long-game. This year, I want you to start thinking in months not days and weeks. Because it’s not about how your actions will help make life easier today. But how your actions today will help make life easier for you in the future.

7. In a world that encourages immediate gratification, delaying what you want now for what you want most is a superpower. Set up your environment for success, apply time constraints, and take some time off.

8. You can’t have it all!

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